Our Story

CreaturaSoft was founded by Hari Thangirala and Scott Ure. We are a small but dedicated company focused on delivering unique, user-friendly and innovative products and services for dog owners and breeders.

Our flagship product Kennel Keeper started life back in 2001 as a solution to a problem that many kennel owners face: how to create a website with little web knowledge without paying an arm and a leg for a custom designed site.

This was a problem that the owner of Annacott Papillons was experiencing, and one that Scott had the skills to solve. Kennel Keeper started life as a custom application specifically for the Annacott Papillons website and it evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of that site.

In 2006, with still no product out there that serves the needs of kennel owners, Scott partnered up with Hari to make Kennel Keeper available to all kennel owners. Three years of hard work later, Kennel Keeper was reborn as a professional, general purpose website generator. Now our focus is on adding features, creating new website designs and continuing to make Kennel Keeper and our related services the best solution for kennel websites.